Sunday, 29 April 2012

holla ;)

weeeeee~ LOL I dont want to steal her 'weeeeee' style. okay lets talk bout today. wah, so boring n lifeless. I slept at 7am then woke up at 11am, continue to sleep again n woke up at 2pm. teruk isn't it ? luckily , Imma 'off' .. you know right ? okay forget it. I challenged myself to update mah blog in english so I took the challenge. I know I have the worst grammar, but at least I tried. Remembered Greyson said in his song "You so afraid of taking chances, how you gonna reach the top?" yeah, you're right baby. I'll never get ahead if I stay in the same position. YOLO so enjoy your life people ! pss.. dont living inside a box, its not fun at all, I warned you :p

just back to dashboard from this chinese girl's blog. she's an enchancer too same as me n n she's pretty .Y. she also won the contest to meet CHANCE!! wah so lucky. Im so jelly of her but at the same time, im happy for her. lol even tho its hurt inside. t__t uhh okay here is her twitter acc --> Kate .. she's 16th but friendly tho ;) and take a look at her pretty blog if you want --> Kate btw, she's student of sbu. hahaa Seri Bintang Utara.

lately, I cant sleep, HARD TO SLEEP. yeah, amnesia, kind off la. dont know what to do more. so im on mah twitter besides my fb, lol told you its boring. im scrolling down and up and down again, rt others' tweet, nobodys mention me ._. so sad im alone.

forever alone ._.

okay, next wed which is on may 2nd is my jpj test. so boring, so not-so-nervous, so lazy meh. hope i'll pass this 6758765392301031972th test. hate it. i hate the car, i hate everything. lol its myself who didnt do it seriously. hahaa pray for me kay guys (:

he told me to focus ;p

okay, right now I smell something fishy. there it was. my big brotha is feeding himself after his long journey. just got home from cc act. hahaa I'm hungry too so lego we get some foods. bye.

we're having dinner together <3

Thursday, 26 April 2012


hi guys ! so wanna hear bout my new cat ? LOL just kitten.. hahaa okay. lately, ada bnyk benda jd tp malas je nak cite kat blog.. yg latest psl matriks.. urgh sungguh tak sangka dpt matriks.. bsyukur sgt tp x confident nak pegi matriks.. sbb kalau fail mmg sia2 je setahun.. dapat kat Penang plak tu ! hahaa mmg 'tak jauh' langsung kay.. -_- so kenalah tunggu upu dulu.. kalau tak dapat baru g matriks tp harap2nya dapat !! Aminnn... sama2 lah kita doa yer ? mmg agak ramai dapat kat Penang.. kalau boleh nak GGM smua kat Penang.. so jom kita sama2 doa moga2 Farah Amira dapat tuka matriks Penang gak ama ngan kita !! :3 kalau smua dapat study kat tmpt yg sama barulah syok.. balik ke zaman time skolah dulu.. kalau boleh smua nak sama2.. hahaa okay sampai disini saja .. see ya !

nak g mngembara dgn dia :3

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Greyson Chance Live in Malaysia Concert (:

okay, on April 17th, I went to KL Live with my bestie again, Ida to see Greyson perform live.. 

tiket dah beli masa Greyson Day haritu..

permission pun dah mintak.. mcm ni cara dia kalau takut nak face to face :D

so dlm kol 3:30pm kitorg gerak naik tren then turun kat Dang Wangi.. jln sikit, sampai kat dpn KL Live.. sempat gak beli button badge, rm5 each :D

kitorg sampai dlm pukul empat then door open at 7pm.. time tu line mmg da panjang gila.. sambil tunggu tu kitorg sempat snap gambar :D

almost pukul 7 tu, gate still x bukak.. so Enchancers skalian pun memekak.. agaknya dorg ni majoriti cheerleaders kot.. :p mnynyi apa bagai, "Waiting Outside the Gates..." hahaa klakar jelah.. n met sorg Enchancer kat twitter.. :D masa jumpa x knl, kat twitter baru knl.. LOL

dlm 7:15 gitu baru kitorg dilepas masuk.. sambil bratur tu ada org jual official merchandise Greyson.. so sempat gak aku beli tote bag dia.. hihi comel tho :3

then kena pakai 'gelang' khas dulu, baru lpas masuk..

JS zone, yeah not so far from the stage and I can see the piano.. :D ingatkan kitorg yg paling akhir masuk sbb blkg bnyk space kosong..

okay dlm pukul 8 konsert start.. Camryn (link) n the band performs.. comel molek je budak tu.. she's just 12th so budak kay.. hahaa :p tak dpt follow nynyi sbb tataw lagu dia.. yg aku pnah dgr lagu Set the Night On Fire tu pun time interview session kat Hitzfm LOL .. then dia cover lagu Stronger by Kelly Clarkson..

nak kol 9 barulah org yg ditunggu-tunggu muncul.. yeah mmg gila2 punya jerit ah.. nampak je kelibat dia btambah kuat org sorak.. lagi2 bila tengok dia hang Malaysian flag on his jacket.. wow ! goosebumps.. hahaa tp time tu aku tngk ida mcm dah nak pengsan je LOL

start dgn lagu Unfriend You, then lagu yg dah buat dia dikenali ramai, Paparazzi by Lady Gaga, seterusnya lagu2 dlm album dia, Heart Like Stone, Little London Girl, Summertrain, Home Is In Your Eyes, Cheyenne, Purple Sky, Fire, Light Up the Dark, the song which I love the most RUNNING AWAY n dia cover dua lagu dr Adele n Foster the People iaitu Rolling in the Deep ngan Pumped Up Kicks :D dia dancing tho xD *Stranded & Slipping Away dia tak nynyi :/

yeah, me ! :p

performing Rolling in the Deep

tak dpt describe prasaan aku time tu.. muka dia putih gilaaa! lagi2 aku dekat je dgn stage.. muehehe :3 sekejap je pipi dia jd pink awww comel :"D


last skali barulah dia nynyi debut single dia Waiting Outside the Lines, Hold On til the Night n Take a Look At Me Now.. huuuu~ rasa sedih jelah time dia pegi tu.. :'(

then kitorg sempat amek gmbr before n lpas dah kuar dr tmpt tu :D

the stage once he leaves.. the piano.. :(

Tina kata dia sakit mata sbb flash banyak sangat.. LOL

made by meee :D



"I just want to say thank you to all my Malaysian fans, and I'll be back very soon, I promise" - Greyson Chance

He loves Malaysia so much and asked us to keep secret not to tell his US fans.. hahaa We will keep the secret Greyson ! :D