Wednesday, 8 March 2017


guys, I have a pair of CAT 4 tickets to let go at ORIGINAL PRICE. please comment below if you're interested to buy. I prefer COD on the concert day rather than posting it. don't hesitate to talk to me if you wanna purchase the tickets! other people might sell it at higher price, i offer the tix with its original price only. please spread the word, thanks!!!

Monday, 6 March 2017

I'm going to see EXO!!!

ok guys, so you know EXO is coming to Malaysia this month to perform their tour the EXO'rDIUM on 18th march which is just around the corner. and of course my friend and I are excited to see them again. but sadly we didn't make it to the ticket launch because i had a final exam paper on the said day. i was frustrated and told my friend to just go get the ticket but she didn't because she said, if we were gonna get the ticket, we were supposed to do it together.

we actually didn't plan anything about the concert. we are broke at the moment so we just let time decide whether we're going or not. as usual there are many contests out there with the concert tickets as the prizes. we decided to join a contest by spritzer. and also the one by Pepero. joining contests also needs money so we tried to buy the minimum we could lmao

and yup, these are the only things we bought for the contests.

we didn't expect anything from the contests. just trying our luck because thats the least we could do. ok i want to cut this story short. so on last wednesday when i was at the office, i checked my phone and scrolled down to look at my notification centre. guess what i saw?

and i was like, WHAT?

i stared at my phone screen with my eyes wide lmao i was sleepy before but seeing the noti i became wide awake. i wanted to scream so bad but i had to hold it in. my hands were shaking af i mean is that even real?? it wasn't a prank, was it? i started to question myself before i decided to open the message. i still couldn't believe it so i went on facebook and looked for pepero malaysia page. i saw my name there.

and yes, it's real. i won the tickets. I WON THE TICKETS TO SEE EXO LIVE OMG!!!

until now i still cant believe that they picked my name as one of the winners. thanks to the person who did the draw hahaa guess I'm lucky this time >.< a few hours ago Pepero posted a video of some winners for week 3! check it out if you want by clicking here ->>> Pepero Malaysia <3

the contest is still on until 12th march and I urge you all to join and try your luck! if you have any questions or if you wanna talk to me just leave a comment below or simply contact me via my instagram/twitter account :) see you in the next post!