Monday, 18 January 2016

The EXO'luXion World Tour Live in Malaysia : Ticket Launch

annyeong... this entry is nothing more than about what happened yesterday. i want to tell everything from the start until the end but its gonna be long, soooo... ok as you guys know (if u r an exo-L then u already know that EXO is coming to Malaysia in march) the ticket launch which was organized by star planet took place at KL SOGO on january 16th which was yesterday. that night (15/01) i couldnt slept because wHO COULD KNOWING THAT THE FANS ALREADY QUEUING IN LINE AND THERE WERE HUNDRED OF THEM I CRIED!! ehemm.. sorry got emotional. i slept at 5am and i had to wake up at 8am. my friend and i planned to go there at 10am since the event would start at 11am but knowing that the queue already long as hell we couldn't stay calm anymore. around 10:20 we arrived at sogo and guess what?? the queue had slowly entered the mall with the help of rela, star planet staffs and polis bantuan. so we were actually the last persons in queue (not really last, u can say we were in the last group lah) they took us to level 7 and let us queue there in a very very very long line. i don't want to recall that moment anymore T_T if u want to see the pics u can go to star planet facebook

during the ticket launch they played exo songs to cheer us up while waiting.. my fingers never stop scrolling my twitter because i wanted to make sure that the tickets we wanted still available. we actually wanted to use star planet club member card to get discount but the offer ended in less than 2 hours. reading tweets that say the rock EXO zone had sold out really made me frustrated af. whats the point of going to the concert if i dont get to see them from short distance.. some tweets saying that there were rumors and say not to believe news unless if it's from star planet. those tweets seriously got us confused and worried. i was about to lose hope but my friend told me to think positive. when we actually in the real hall, the songs played were better and clearly heard. hearing the fanchant made me goosebumps, not that i never experience that kind of situation but this is different since it's my first time being in kpop fandom. and did u see the sehuns look alike? i was hoping to see her (yes, it's a 'she') with my own eyes but i bet she had left already. she looks like sehun from far with the pout, the way she stands, but her face actually looks more like baekhyun without her eyeliner. now why am i discussing about her ok back to the topic

when we finally stood in the last line, waiting for our turn to purchase the tickets, we were given free poster each. even the uncle from in front us got one hahaha that time i was worried hell and nervous because i was afraid the tickets we wanted are sold out. and then our turn came we went to the available counter. the staff asked which zone we want , she pointed on the whatever-they-call-it paper the rock E, X, and O zone and told us that the X zone already sold out. if i couldn't control myself I'm sure i would jump in front of the counter because we wanted ROCK E ZONE WHICH APPARENTLY STILL AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!

we waited for about 5 hours and it's worth it. i couldn't be more happy than yesterday. it was one of the best days in my life and my friend's too. Alhamdulillah, if it isn't Allah, it won't happen. thank you to everybody who involved in the event. it went well and everyone is happy. those who didn't get the tickets and didn't get to see exo, i know you're sad. if i was you i would too, probably even worse. but don't lose hope, have faith that one day your turn will come. i know that sounds cliche but that's just my 2 cents. knowing that malaysia is their last stop, i really hope that the ending of their world tour will be special and will be a night to remember. can't wait to see them. D-54 to #EXOluXioninMalaysia !

p/s: wait for my entry about the exoluxion in Malaysia ^^