Sunday, 12 January 2014


You said you don't give a duck to those who give fuck to your best friend but then you give fuck to almost everyone, hurting them with your harsh words like they don't have feelings. Ah that is so FAIR dude.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Do you ever face this situation which when you're alone and people ask you, 'why are you alone?' 'Where is your friend?' 'Poor you, you have to sit alone' and so on? Sometimes i ask myself, whats wrong with being alone? And i used to think that it was better alone rather than sit with your friends but you feel lonely. Alone and lonely as you know are two different words. If i have to choose between these two i would prefer myself to be alone. Why? You will not be with your friends forever. They will leave you anytime, you just dont know when is the time. You have to teach yourself how to be on your own without depending on people around you. Teach yourself how is it feels when your friends arent there with you, what does is it feel to be alone. You have to do anything by yourself. And when you used to this kind of situation, you will have no problem when your friends or companions leave you, because you already know how to handle it. So, stop depending on people. Try to do everything on your own. I know i can do this!