Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ramadhan 2016

Assalamualaikum gaisss. sekejap je kita nak masuk 4 hari dah puasa kan. tahun ni mcm tahun2 yg sebelumnya, aku berpuasa kat kampus. biasa la student kan, takleh la semua nak sedap je. first day puasa, aku sahur and berbuka sorang je. sebabnya rumet ku ahad tu dia stay up rumah classmate dia buat assignment. subuh baru dia balik. time orang lain berbuka, dia dan kawan2 dekat kedai printing tgh settle assignment dorang. sedih gak rasa first day je dah sambut sorang2 tp nak complain pun, mcm lah tahun lepas aku tak sambut sorang2. adik2 yg dapat rumet kos event tu bersiap sedia lah untuk ditinggalkan ye. kalau bilik 4 orang takpe, kalau bilik berdua cam aku ni sabau jeler. aku berbuka dgn mi sedap cup je sbb tak beli makanan untk berbuka. alasan: takde member. dik, kalau kat uni kau takleh sorang2 mmg tak makan la kau dik. Tapi semalam Alhamdulillah rumet dpt meluangkan masa bersahur dan berbuka sama2. uitm puncak alam ni yg seronok, pukul 1-2pagi masih meriah cafenya. tu yg kitorang pukul 1 keluar cari makan hahaha ok sampai di sini saja update ramadhan saja. semoga berjumpa lagi. salam ramadhan~ 

Saturday, 4 June 2016

The EXO'luXion World Tour Live in Malaysia : D-Day!

annyeong... i should have posted this entry in March but you know, I'm a student so i was busy with tests, assignments and stuff :p there are so many things that happened on that day, where do i start? so i hope you enjoy reading this one!
WARNING: this entry is gonna be long! *You've been warned*

on d-day 120316, i woke up at 7 something, it's not normal for me considering it was Saturday. and my mum was on her rest day. she was quite surprised seeing me awake that early so she went to get me some breakfast. at first i thought she was gonna shoot me questions i don't want her to ask but that time she did the opposite. while getting ready, she asked me if i already have the ticket, and if the stadium has opened. ofc ler dah buka ma, its the concert day hahaa i told her if i didn't get there early there would be too many people in the line already. before i left my house, she told me to buy some roti and water so that i won't get hungry. i love her so much

this was my outfit for that day. member: KAI. oh, look at that face, heh

okay, since we are E zone ticket holders, we had to assemble at Maharajalela station. there were many people waited at the venue already, i took a pic at the view and sent it to my family group whatsapp hahaha the weather was very damn hot! since it was el nino.. and i wore black from head to toe! at like 10 am we finally decided to go look for something to eat. I've ate nasi lemak at home so i was not really hungry but my friend was starving. so we went to times square since it's the nearest mall and we chose to eat at Soopong! but since it was too early to have lunch we lepak at starbucks first. while eating lunch, fingers never stop scrolling tweets to see update at the venue and guess what, there were tweets saying that EXO is already at the venue doing the soundcheck! dalam hati dah mula debar, and goosebumps >.< but still we were eating our lunch calmly~

habis je lunch terus bergegas ke stadium balik. cuaca masih terik namati. while waiting, we wandered round the venue and stopped at setiap kelompok union bias yg ada kat situ to collect free banner and free gift xD pendek cerita, dlm bag drpd takde apa2 terus penuh dgn handbanner. for those who didn't come with lightstick, they were selling it at the venue and ofc it's quite pricey. pic below explains what the organizer had planned for us. i have to PrntScr it to make it clear for you guys to understand hahaha and can you see the angry face emoji? indeed, there are too many negative comments below the post. kalau rajin pegi ah scroll fb star planet and then u will know the reason why the fans were furious :>

tbh i was complaining the whole time. don't blame me. if you were me i bet you would do the same. weh dah la panas terik like very very very terik macam matahari tu betul2 atas kepala and then dengan berasak-asak dalam crowd tu. berhimpit teruk and some fans even fainted in the crowd tau nasib baik ada St. John. Look again at the pic, they said they would let us start queuing at 3pm, BUT they let us in at 4pm. They said the gates to the stadium would open around 6pm BUT we waited for an hour and got in at 7pm. Fortunately for us it had stopped raining so we didn't hv to wear the raincoat they provided us.

he was throwing the raincoat hahah

right after they let us in the stadium, my friend and I were running like crazy (sampai tinggal kawan aku kat blakang so i had to wait for her and then continue lari sepenuh jiwa) to our zone. dalam otak masing2 hanya fikir untuk dapat front line because we brought plushies to throw on the stage. my friend brought a rose plushie for chanyeol and i bawa neck pillow untuk Kai. as we entered zone E, i was confused. we were confused because there were too many empty spaces to choose from and finally we chose to stand at the very front line. I know sekai would perform 'Baby Don't Cry' at the centre of the stage but my friend wanted to see chanyeol too so i just followed her because like hell I'm not gonna fangirl alone during the concert. An hour of waiting for the concert to start was a total torture for us because like finally, we are going to see them, to see EXO with our own two eyes!

sorry, muka kitorang time tu mmg teruk gila. yelah dari pagi menunggu dan akhirnya bila dah dapat spot boekkk apalagi, terus bergambar lerrr. I was the one who was holding that yellow banner (my ugly banner)

Minutes by minutes passed by and it felt like forever until the big screen on stage played the intro VCR. everybody started screaming like crazy and when I saw EXO members one by one appeared on the stage, I was like, 'they are real'. THEY ARE REAL!!!!! my eyes were searching for Sehun and when I caught him I was amazed. That night, he was beautiful. His skin was so fair, so milky white and pale exactly like what I've read in those fanfictions. He was tall and his legs were skinny. All I can say is that, I finally meet the real Sehun, the Sehun I only saw on pictures, posters and tv all this time. I finally met OH SEHUN! and he is so so beautiful *-*

you can see that I focused a lot on Sehun hehe and here comes the best part in my entire life. I slept at 4am just to finish my handbanner. It is actually a 'happy birthday' banner I bought from mr diy and I pasted another paper on it to write something. I tried to decorate it as neat as possible because I'm not creative enough to make a fancy banner. So, on that banner I wrote 'Sehun, I love you! Will you marry me?' I wrote in Hangul with hope that Sehun would notice my banner. I don't know if there are grammar mistakes in my Hangul, I just googled on everything because I never ever trust Google translate.

okay, again.. this is my banner. don't laugh at my hangul writing >.<

During Peter Pan, Sehun came to our side. He was actually dancing to the song and every time he came near us I would put my phone down and lift my banner up. I need to use both hands to hold the banner. Surprisingly, when I called his name few times the moment he came to our side, never in my life I expected he would actually heard me and look at me. the next sentence i will write is the best thing ever happened in my life. WHEN HE WAS DANCING TO OUR SIDE I CALLED HIS NAME OUT LOUD LIKE VERY LOUD THAT MY THROAT HURT AND TO MY SURPRISE HE HEARD ME SO HE FINALLY LOOKED AT ME WHILE HIS EYES SCANNED MY BANNER AND HE RAISED HIS EYEBROWS AND FCKING SMIRK!!! HE NOTICED ME LIKE SERIOUSLY HE NOTICED ME THERE!!!

he probably was mentally laughin at my hangul or maybe he was thinking i was naughty to write things like that heh who taught me sehunnie :>

u can see that sehun leaded the way to our side and he was so near, u also can clearly hear my voice calling his name repeatedly ahahaha in the end of the video i had to put my phone down to hold my banner up

ehem, sorry i got excited. my friend besides me screamed my name and crazily jumping with me because thankfully she saw that moment. sadly both my hands were holding the banner so i only recorded that precious moment with my two eyes. my friend also didn't record it but she found a video she recorded that has our voices screamed in that after Sehun noticed me.

and I already make Peter Pan my song. my Peter Pan finally noticed me XD

pardon our voices ahahaha

Without a proof, some of you probably don't believe me and think that I make up story to get called lucky. Even if I do that I will never feel genuinely happy. There's no point on doing that. So, I'm here just to share my happiness with you and if you still don't believe me, I don't have any rights to force you to trust me aha and if you think I'm lucky, my friend is luckier. To her frustration, Chanyeol did not frequently come to our side. He was always at the center. And to my surprise, Sehun often stayed on our side and that was the best thing during the concert. I assumed, she gave up on giving Chanyeol the rose plushie so when Lay was walking in front of us, she threw the rose up on the stage. It fell right in front of Lay. He picked the rose up and playing with it for a while until he noticed there was a pink note tagged with the rose. I was watching the entire time. Lay read the note and scanning the center of the stage with the rose in his hand. Watch this video below. It shows everything

the next thing u know in the video Lay was already holding the rose. my friend better be thankful I recorded this kekeke

flying rose...

You guys may be wondering what was written on the note. My friend brought the rose for Chanyeol so she wrote something like kata-kata semangat and wishes for him, with his name on it, on the note. When Lay read the note, he read Chanyeol's name that was written in Hangul. So, basically he was scanning and searching for Chanyeol. I hope he wasn't disappointed that the rose wasn't for him hahaha when the song (3.6.5.) was about to end, Lay walked to the center,

p/s: not sure whose video is this. credit to the owner

he approached Chanyeol and he gave the rose to CHANYEOL! and then this was what happened...

and more pics of Chanyeol with my friend's rose..

my friend was in 'histeria' when that happened, PARK CHANYEOL WAS WEARING THE ROSE SHE SLEPT WITH EVERY NIGHT ON HIS SWEATY NECK!!! but that was a bit funny because chanyeol wearing it with the note also hahahaha pls don't ask about my plushie. they only looked at it without picking it up -_- okay, i want to talk about other members too. Sehun, D.O, Baekhyun, Suho, Lay and Xiumin were the members that frequently come to our side. I was expecting to see Kai in front of me but he was always at the center :/ Chen's voice was powerful that I could burst into tears by just listening to it. Lay was injured(?) I guess right after they performed Love Me Right/call me baby, i dont really remember. He walked in the lane (where the RELAs were standing) in front of us and it took me seconds to process that it was actually Lay who walked in front of me. He was only inches away from me I even could grab him or snap a clear picture of him but what concerned me more was his condition. Baekhyun, Suho and D.O were always lalu lalang depan kami so I took videos of them. there is this video I recorded where D.O seemed to look at me (I guess?) hahaha

or maybe he was not...

okay let me show you the video. and you see, sehun was so nearrr also look at that susoo moment ahaha

overall, the concert was PERFECT. i cannot describe it with words. the wait, money I've spent, those obstacles and etc, it was worth it. Great performances, sweaty hot looking members, crazy crowds, unexpected moment with my bias, it was just perfect. 12032016, a night to remember.

no I'm not done yet. have you look at these pictures of themmm?!

From the Lucky One... Monster.. a blink of eyes ok I'M DONE.